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Pacific Business Ventures is a USA-based, Washington State company. We welcome talking with you about our mission, and are open to a variety of collaboration scenarios.

Ours is a boutique company with a wide range of collaborative relationships, staffed with a team of seasoned entrepreneurs and consulting professionals who have
done it before. We subscribe to the principles of the Agenda 21 movement, which requires every one of our projects to meet standards of economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Every new business is expected to be profitable. And every one is designed to better the local community and enhance environmental stewardship.

We seek out, and cooperate with, organizations based in each target country to ensure there is local investment in what is created, and to ensure long-term support is in place as our companies grow. When technology localization and transfer is required, we are backed by a network of university and government agricultural laboratories in the USA, Northern Ireland, China, Korea, and Vietnam.

PBV is an experienced manager of projects and aid funding targeting the developing world. In the past five years we have directed aid initiatives on behalf of both the Danish and Netherlands governments, with no corruption, accurate documentation, and successful quantified outcomes.

Ours is a virtual company. Our team believes in working where the work is being done. At any given time, you may find us in Ethiopia, Peru, Vietnam, Nigeria, or a host of other places. Traditional venture capital waits for opportunities to come to it. We create the opportunities ourselves by developing a deep understanding of local culture and assets.
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