Ekklesia Economy
We are entering a time of spiritual acceleration in which the Creator and sustainer of the universe (Yahweh/God) and his vice-regent and Son (Yeshua/Jesus) are re-asserting their government in the earth. It is a form of authority very different from that understood by the world, but one which was anticipated in such prophetic literature as Joel 2 and Isaiah 60-62.

The word used by the writers of the New Testament to describe the community of Jesus' followers is 'ekklesia'. It includes those people worldwide who are united not only with Yeshua, but also with each other as so eloquently described in John 15-17. Through them Holy Spirit reveals God's desires and strategies, performs miraculous signs to confirm the truth of the evangelistic word, and provides communal supply so the Great Commission can proceed in each generation. Their functions (builders, teachers) and gifts (healing, administration) are all equal and intended to be freely shared within the community. When used properly; witness, testimony, and the demonstration of spiritual power have a powerful transformative impact on the world.

We have provisionally used the term 'ekklesia economy' to describe the way supply is to be created and deployed in the emerging governmental order of the latter days. The following documents begin to explore these themes and propose tools for bringing them to pass.
Coke, James. Ekklesia Economy.
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