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Alpha Five is a rapid development framework for creating Ajax-enabled interactive applications that run in a browser. The graphical interface is supplemented by a programming language that supports use of most of the major libraries like those available in Microsoft .Net.

MySQL competes with database products like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. While we are happy to work with any SQL-based data environment, we particularly like the advantages inherent in the open source movement.
Good software is based on a solid understanding of the customer's requirements. PBV regularly helps organizations formalize business processes (and supporting data) which are not explicit, particularly where it involves interactions with external customers, suppliers, and reporting entities. Interactive design sessions frequently expose invisible processes, workflow linkages between processes, and new ways of managing relationships. Our strong background in the discipline of Business Process Management (BPM) guides this work.

Additionally, the company has worked in a variety of industries over the years, and has built up considerable expertise in the following verticals:

> Raw materials extraction (lumber, minerals)
> Manufacturing (SCOR)
> Supply chain management (inventory planning)
> Healthcare (insurance, A/D/T)
> Social services (case management)

PBV is a software factory. We can serve as the principal supplier to a customer; working on-site when it makes sense, and half a world away when doing basic coding tasks. We also serve in a staff augmentation role on larger projects run by a prime contractor. Our specialty is building the interactive, browser based front ends that expose databases to end users.
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