Exposing Corporate Data to the Web
Internally on an Intranet
Time and activity reporting, document management, sales and operations planning (S&OP), inventory control, and other applications central to business operations.
Externally on the Extranet
Customer account management, order managment, shopping carts, stakeholder project collaboration, B2B portals, and other processes that require interacting with external persons and organizations.
Recent Projects
LoveINC Service Bureau

Networks of churches in many counties in the US have organized LoveINC organizations which coordinate social assistance to persons in need. We developed a sophisticated web-based case management system for tracking referrals, needs, and services. Case management staff move clients through a workflow, and external organizations can query the client locator to see if persons in need are known to the network. The application software is designed as a service bureau for secure use by multiple organizations.
Algen Sustainables Research Data Repository

Algen is a biotechnology company with operations in South Asia. It is conducting a multi-year research project involving cultivation and conversion of aquatic biomass into various industrial intermediate chemicals and manufacturing inputs. We developed a data collection and reporting application for geographically separated team members to collaborate on findings. Data is stored in a central FTP repository accessible via the web.
PBV Technologies has developed multiple standalone enterprise software applications over the years, each of which went on to be central products for other businesses. In addition, the company has provided contract software development services to numerous end use customers, and to several prime contractors requiring expertise augmentation. We have been there and done it, from centralized terminal based systems through client/server, browser-based, and now Web 2.0 HTML5/Ajax infrastructures.

Today the company specializes in exposing corporate enterprise data to the web, both for internal use by employees and also for customer self-service. Software design is based on a strong orientation to the principles of business process management (BPM) including workflow automation and process-oriented views of information.

We are a boutique firm, highly specialized, without the high overhead of competing firms many times our size. We can do most projects three times as fast at one-third the cost. We use a specific suite of development tools and platforms that lend themselves to rapid application development. Our business model is collaborative; we work with web site designers, ETL database experts, and others to create total solutions.

Most importantly, we are easy to work with, flexible, and committed to customer satisfaction.
Over 20 years of enterprise software development
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