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Finding the True God
-- Theological Writings by James Coke --
The book
This site contains my personal writings of a theological nature. They explore a variety of topics related to the character and nature of God, and God's partnership with us as stewards of his creation. They range from interpretation of doctrinal concepts to methods of advanced intercession.

The book "Finding the True God" was published in 2005. It is available here as a free e-Book that you can download at the link above. The book answers questions that I as a seeker would have found helpful early in my own journey of faith.

All of my writings posit that "God" is a real personality with immense creative power, and that he takes an active interest today in the operation of his creation. I had to accept that after God allowed me to experience his realm through miracles, prophetic revelation, and the observation that people really can be transformed by God's sanctifying Spirit.

I think it is difficult to develop an unshakeable faith without these sorts of encounters. Cognition does not impart faith. Experience imparts faith. Thank God he is willing to reveal himself to any person who is earnestly seeking him. It may take a lot of work on your part to get there, but it really is worth the journey.

Enjoy the site.