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Finding the True God
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The book
A Word about Evangelism
This brief note describes the author's intent and approach in writing the book.

The Hope of the Messiah
Provides background on the Messiah expected by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. The Messiah is a central figure in all three faiths.

Idolaters do Hear from God
Explores Biblical stories that demonstrate God's willingness to speak to and through people that do not have a good covenantal relationship with him .

Salvation and the Exclusivity of the Christ
This essay is intended for the Christian reader who may object to the salvation doctrine as presented in the book.

Allah and Eternal Truth
This essay is intended for the Muslim reader. It emphasizes the importance of knowing Allah in his fully revealed form beyond that given to Prophet Muhammad.

The Pursuit of Wealth
Contrasts the Biblical notion of wealth pursuit from that practiced by many very "successful" people.

Moses and Theocratic Leadership
Explores the elements of theocratic leadership as exemplified by the Hebrew Moses.