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Finding the True God
-- James Coke --
The book
"Know those who labor among you".

James was born in 1964 and spent his childhood years living on the island of Kauai in the state of Hawaii. He grew up as an ethnic minority among people of Hawaiian, Japanese, and other Pacific Islander descent. This was a formative time learning about indigenous cultures of the Pacific, and appreciating the struggles peoples such as these have gone through as pioneers of European descent changed their native ways.

James obtained a degree in business and went on to start companies in the fields of information technology, B2B market-making, and biotechnology. He lives in the U.S. Pacific Northwest with his wife Linda of 20 years.

James spent time among the First Nations people of Canada, participating in their ceremonies and learning something of their culture. He has also visited a variety of the world's spiritual centers, from the mountains of Norway to Maori Marais in New Zealand and the temple mount in Jerusalem. His personal faith in the work of God's Messiah guides his spiritual life.

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